"Preppie Calendar A Prep For All Seasons" 1981 SHADYAC, Tom [created and written by]

SHADYAC, Tom [created and written by]

Punch Posters, Inc.


12" x 9"

*entries on January-April pages*

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Herein is a delightful early document of the ’80s preppy trend, a calendar for the year 1982 (that begins in September of ’81). It comes courtesy of Mark Roberts, who recently found it stashed away in a box of college mementos, and Benjamin Wall III, who scanned it and brought it to Ivy Style’s attention. Both gentlemen are residents of Birmingham Alabama. Wall discovered “The Official Preppy Handbook” in junior high, and Roberts hung the calender during his freshman year at Auburn.

I think you’ll enjoy the images. The calendar’s creators — who had made the “Are You A Preppie?” poster a few years before in 1979 — certainly drove home the critter motif with a sledgehammer. The clothing was provided by Eljo’s.

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