"Prospero's Cell A Guide To The Landscape And Manors Of The Island Of Corcyra" 1945 DURRELL, Lawrence

DURRELL, Lawrence

[142] pp.

Faber and Faber


9" x 5.75"

Jacket design by Roland Pym

First Impression of the first of Lawrence Durrell's three island memoirs (with Bitter Lemons and Reflections on a Marine Venus).

A guide to the landscape and manners of the island of Corfu.

'One of Lawrence Durrell's best books - indeed, in its gem-like miniature quality, among the best books ever written.' Freya Stark

Jacket by Roland Pym
'This charming idyll depicts the country life and cosmopolitan society of Corfu in the years immediately before the war . . . The matter of it is as sound as the story is delightful.' Sunday Times

'Corfu, that Ionian island whose idyllic yet blood-stained history goes back the best part of a thousand years, could not have found a fitter chronicler than Mr Durrell. For he is a poet, with all a poet's sensibility, and a humanist to boot, with a keen eye for character and a scholar's reverence for antiquity.' Daily Telegraph

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