"Quelques Collectionneurs" 2013 LE-TAN, Pierre

LE-TAN, Pierre

[125] pp.



8 1/4" x 6"

Text in French

A cigarette butt box tinkered with by Picasso, an etching by Tiepolo… a collection opens onto a grandiose or tiny world that a man has created through a mixture of extravagance and stubbornness. Pierre Le-Tan makes his memory speak here: he evokes fascinating or troubled figures through sweet and strange stories.
“The collection that I know best and that is the most difficult for me to talk about is obviously mine. She is elusive. I have owned, I can tell, thousands of items. Even if today most of them are just memories, I continue to seek, to find, to acquire. Acquisition being, for some mysterious reason, the most important act, like that of the player throwing a dice. The idea of ​​speculation has never crossed my mind, nor that of "decoration". Collecting is both essential and completely useless to me.

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