'Reno' 1929 by Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. (Inscribed!)

Special Edition No.51

Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr

Fabulous jacket cover artwork by "Wynn"


The Macaulay Co

 Presenting this elusive/ 'bespoke'/ 'Special Edition No. 51'

"RENO" in the glorious art deco dust jacket by "Wynn" featuring tux-clad revelers cavorting on frothy Gulf Stream waves (ensconcing 'shell pink' cloth boards!) penned by the 'black sheep' of New York high society; Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr.  (1898-1974) inscribed to William B. Mayo, (1860-1944) chief power engineer for the Ford Motor Company whose mechanical mind may be tempted a bit if he reads this "gush" for a little while.

With Best Wishes, 'C.V.Jr' February 14, 1929

Replete w/ (29) chapters/ 251 pp. expousing this frank, outspoken novel 'which will startle those who are unacquainted with the intimate behavior of the loose-living, divorce colony at Reno!

It will also provoke sensation amongst the social 'smart' set whose light consideration of marriage has brought into greater popularity that famous "divorce mill" 

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