"Romance Is On The Rise" 1974 LP w/ Richard Avedon Cover

Record album w/ cover photography by Richard Avedon

Genevieve Waite

Paramour Record Corporation


Romance Is on the Rise is an album released in July 1974 by Genevieve Waite. It was produced by her then husband, John Phillips. The album was fairly well received and in 1977 it made number No 98 on Paul Gambaccini's list of the Top 200 Albums of All Time.

No./ Title/ Writer(s)/ Length:
1. "Love Is Coming Back" Genevieve Waite 2:28
2. "Transient Friends" John Phillips 2:48
3. "Times of Love" John Phillips 2:27
4. "Trashy Rumors" Michelle Phillips 2:10
5. "Slumming on Park Avenue" Irving Berlin 2:33
6. "Biting My Nails" Genevieve Waite 2:45
7. "Danny" Genevieve Waite 3:05
8. "White Cadillac" Genevieve Waite 3:00
9. "American Man on the Moon" John Phillips 2:28
10. "Girls" John Phillips 4:13

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