"Say Yes To Murder: A Hollywood Homicide" Ballard, W. T.

128 pp.

[128] pp.


Sphere Publications, Inc.

Willis Todhunter (W. T.) Ballard was an American author, known for his Westerns and mystery stories, novelettes, and book-length novels. A tremendously prolific author of pulp fiction, he wrote hundreds of magazine stories, almost all in the mystery and western genre. Ballard also wrote under many pseudonyms (Jack Slade, Neil MacNeil, Clay Turner, John Hunter, Sam Bowie, Parker Bonner, and Brian Agar) apparently to avoid confusing his fans when writing in different genres. His best-known character was Bill Lennox, a motion picture troubleshooter acting as a private investigator, who appeared in dozens of short stories and five novels.
"Say Yes to Murder," the first novel featuring Bill Lennox, has plenty of sudden death, gambling, kidnaping, and double dealing to keep the story wheeling in high gear. There are ladies aplenty, too, all beautiful, some with brains, and one of them a lethally dangerous playmate.

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