"Secret Gardens Of London" 2004 CLIFTON-MOGG, Caroline


[176] pp.

Thames & Hudson


12 1/8" x 9 3/8"

A glimpse behind the walls and gates of London at the hidden landscapes seldom seen by visitors. London is a city of hidden gardens, a place where few ever enjoy the colorful secrets behind the sober townhouse facades that give so little away. But the gardens are there, fascinating in their diversity and infinite in their variety, and beautifully illustrated in the pages of this book. The secret gardens of London that are revealed here range from the large, classical, and formal, with single-color schemes, to tiny gardens that run riot with color of every imaginable hue. There are gardens on roofs and gardens in basements, gardens with water even gardens on water. There are gardens sheltered by tropical plants or by billowing sails. There are English cottage gardens and modern sculpture gardens. There are gardens created by artists and gardens tended by practical enthusiasts. There are collectors' gardens, passionate plantsmen's gardens, gardens restored, revived, or reclaimed. The gardens portrayed in this intriguing selection of unique places thanks to the shared dreams of the owners and the ingenuity of the finest designers will delight and inspire anyone with an interest in gardens, gardening, and private life in London. 160 color illustrations.

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