"Smaller Italian Villas & Farmhouses" 1916 LOWELL, Guy


[125] pp.

The Architectural Book Publishing Co


16 3/8" x 12 1/2"

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Accompanied by plans and described in their historic context (Villas Borghese and Medici in Rome; Mondragone, Falconieri at Frascati; Gamberaia near Settignano), the author has sought to explain the system of farming and rural life in Italy, illustrating the work with superb photographs of architectural and garden features which show the smaller houses and farms to be merely less sophisticated versions of the larger. Among features given prominence are the delightful loggias, elegantly trellised vegetable gardens, pools and fishponds, arcaded courtyards, hunting lodges and wrought-iron garden gates with sculpted posts. The second work is a sequel to the first and lays stress on the Palladian legacy. Many of the buildings described are in the north and include fine examples of villa, chapel and convent architecture; also illustrated are inns, stables, a lime kiln, and an elegant Venetian kitchen.

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