"Stately Secrets; Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Stately Homes Of Britain" 1994 Richard Bridgeman, 7th Earl of Bradford

Richard Bridgeman, 7th Earl of Bradford

Inscribed on FFEP

[211] pp.

Robson Books


9 1/2" x 6 3/8"

Everything is not always what it seems behind the doors of the stately homes of Britain, and it's often the stories that the tour guide didn't tell you as you wandered in wonderment around the grand houses that are the most revealing and entertaining. In this witty and irreverent book the Seventh Earl of Bradford uncovers the stories that you won't hear from the guide. Full of first-hand true tales told to Lord Bradford by his fellow peers, butlers, maids, gardeners and chauffeurs, Stately Secrets captures in brilliant, hilarious colour the real life behind the scenes - from Page 3 girls in the four-poster bedroom to the Countess surprised in her bath!

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