"Tapisseries et Soieries Japonaises" HENRY, Charles Arsene [Ambassadeur de France] (SOLD)


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Charles Arsène-Henry , born on May 8, 1881 and died in Tokyo on November 14, 1943, was a French diplomat and collector of Japanese art.

Charles Arsène-Henry is the son of Ambassador Arsène Henry (1848-1931). He married Yolande Lefèvre d'Ormesson (1880-1974), daughter of Ambassador Olivier d'Ormesson, with whom he will have no children. Arsène-Henry is the brother-in-law of Count Wladimir d'Ormesson , Ambassador of France and member of the French Academy .

After his law studies, he began his diplomatic career as an embassy secretary in Lima , then in Bucharest and counselor in Tokyo . He was French Minister to Canada and then to Denmark from 1934 to 1936. He was appointed French Ambassador to Tokyo in 1936. He died there in 1943.

Art lover and collector, he wrote in 1941 a dissertation entitled Tapestries and Japanese silks, which contributed to the study of the aesthetics and decoration of shaped silks and Japanese tapestries of the Tokugawa period (1603-1856). He is the author of Essays on Civilization and of Coherence and Harmony of Things (1934).

Essays on Civilization
Coherence and harmony of things (1934)
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