"The ABC Of Barbecue" 1954

[61] pp.

The Peter Pauper Press


7 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Decorations by Ruth McCrea

Carpe Kitchen! The door of the Peter Pauper Press vault has swung open to release our legendary old-school cookbooks…

Summon your primal side and dig into this vintage grilling guide! A tried-and-true handbook for anyone who finds perfect satisfaction in cooking meat with fire. Mix a red-wine marinade and watch Lamb Filets brown over glowing charcoal. Add spark to the traditional hot dog or give the burger a kick with one of many variations suggested herein. Get adventurous with Roast Pheasant, Mushroom Venison, and Turkish Frankfurter Kabobs. Serve classic side dishes like Hot Potato Salad and Kansas Buttermilk Hotcakes, or shake things up and offer Oysters in Bacon Strips. Even fruit salad gets a chance to sizzle—Fruit Kabob, anyone? Witty verses and illustrations accompany recipes.

Let us assemble
The driftwood and rocks;
We’ll build us a fire
And roast us an ox!

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