"The ABC Of Salads" 1958

[61] pp.

The Peter Pauper Press


7 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Carpe Kitchen! The door of the Peter Pauper vault has swung open to release our legendary old-school cookbooks…

What are you waiting for? Get tossing! Revel in verdant vegetal profusions with this retro homage to all things green. And all things red, yellow, orange, or purple, for that matter. The 1950s definition of a salad was a bit broader than today’s, and this book encompasses a plentitude of creative garden preparations. Fans of the quintessential bowl of greens will find a commendable rendition in the aptly-named Giant Green Salad. If you’re feeling more creative, relieve summer’s heat with a Lime Cucumber Salad, or end dinner on a high note with a Blushing Pear. Revive the lost art of the Jell-o mould with a Tomato Salad Ring. Salad-themed verses and illustrations perk up pages with fresh wit. Live colorfully!

I wish I could write you
A beautiful ballad;
I can’t, so I’ll make you
A beautiful salad!

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