"The Andover Shop Air Force Blue Shetland Crewneck Sweater" Sz XL (New w/ TAS Tag) (SOLD)

Chest (pit-pit): 24"W

Sleeve seam: 34 1/2"L

Body (collar-hem): 30"L

Laurence Odie Knitwear Limited (LOKL)

The original authentic 100% Pure Shetland Wool Sweater, knit in Scotland on the Shetland Islands for The Andover Shop. Sizing: runs roomy.

The Shetland sheep is a traditional variety of the species that has adapted over many centuries to the harsh, windswept terrain of the Shetland Islands, off the Scottish coast. Since 1927 the breed is protected by several conservation organizations from interbreeding to maintain the characteristics of the Shetland sheep and its iconic wool. Shetlands are primarily found in their traditional home climes on the Shetland Islands, although a small amount have been raised in North America.

The Shetland’s wool is thicker and coarser than other breeds of sheep, such as the Merino. This coarseness means that clothing made from Shetland wool is famously hard-wearing and weather-resistant. The thick fibers of the wool trap air pockets within the garment to insulate the wearer, while coupling with the natural moisture-wicking capabilities of wool to keep the wearer dry in all but the heaviest weather. It has been worn by sailors in the Shetland Islands and elsewhere in Britain for centuries and is renowned for its utility.

Shetland wool is often woven into the toughest tweeds, but it has reached an iconic status in the United States in the form of sweaters. The Shetland crew-neck sweater, a simple design in a single, mottled color, is a classic part of the ivy-style wardrobe. Like other ivy standbys such as the oxford shirt and cotton chinos, the Shetland sweater is tough enough to stand up to daily wear in the dead of winter while providing a neat and classic look.