'The Art Of Italian Cooking' 1953 LO PINTO, Maria (INSCRIBED)

LO PINTO, Maria 

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Doubleday & Company, Inc.

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This book has been prepared for all of those people who pride themselves in serving the "out of the ordinary" in food.

It may be just one unusual recipe for which you are searching, or it may be an entire meal that appeals to your desire to experiment with and serve new and unusual food.

Whatever your cooking inclinations may be, this book is arranged in the sequence of a complete menu, making it easy to plan unique combinations.

You may select a single favorite recipe from each section, beginning with antipasto and ending with caffe espresso, and find you have planned your own individual menu.

Don't fear "trying out" something different for your family and friends.

This book is dedicated to you- to all of you who enjoy and appreciate the unusual in unusual food.

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