"The Bianchini Ferier Collection: Two Centuries Of Design" 2001 Christie's

[400] pp.

1850 lots

Christie's International


10 1/2" x 8 3/8"

The sale consisted of the massive collection of the textile design firm Bianchini Ferier. The firm was started in 1888. In 1912 Bianchini gave a contract to Raoul Dufy, who had been designing textiles for Paul Poiret, and over 16 years that Dufy worked with Bianchini Ferier he produced over 4000 designs for them, some of which are included here. This may be the best reference book on Bianchini Ferier. The sale includes pattern books, their reference library, posters, printing blocks, watercolours and drawings, an entire section on Raoul Dufy designs (235 lots), + 'Empreintes' by Dufy (69 lots), pattern books of scarves, Dufy's pattern books, and advertising artwork by Dufy. Also many hundreds of designs by other artists as well. 1849 lots in the sale. All illustrated in colour.

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