"The Cocktail Shaker: The Tanqueray Guide" 2000 KHACHADOURIAN, Simon


[144] pp.

Philip Wilson Publishers


10 7/8" x 9"

Fine/ Fine

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The cocktail shaker, once a symbol of elegance, is now eminently collectible. This reference, designed for collectors and admirers alike, celebrates a golden age when designers from the famous luxury goods houses had a ball with novelty cocktail shakers. ""Thirst extinguishers"", skyscrapers, lighthouses, penguins, ship's lanterns and dumb-bells, decorative and practical, were favourite themes, and with the legalisation of liquor in the USA, following the repeal of the Prohibition in 1933, cocktail sets were in great demand. Art-Deco-inspired shakers exemplified the age and found favour with the smart set in New York, Paris and elsewhere. This volume features over 150 photographs of shakers.

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