"The Education Of A French Model: Kiki's Memoirs" 1955

Introduction by Ernest Hemingway

Kiki (a.k.a. Alice Prin)

Alice Ernestine Prin (2 October 1901 – 29 April 1953), nicknamed the Queen of Montparnasse and often known as Kiki de Montparnasse, was a French model, chanteuse, memoirist and painter during the Jazz Age. She flourished in, and helped define, the liberated culture of Paris in the so-called Années folles ("crazy years" in French). She became one of the most famous models of the 20th century and in the history of avant-garde art.

[160] pp.

Bridgehead Books/

Seven Sirens Press, Inc.


Illustrations by Mahlon Blaine

8 1/4" x 5 1/8"


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With 16 pages of black & white photos of nudes "Kiki's Friends".

Translated by Samuel Putnam.

Ernest Heminway wrote the 4 page intro: "This is the only book I have ever written an introduction for and, God help me, the only one I ever will."

Two of this memoir's chapters are entitled "Papa Hemingway Receives -And Gives" & "Papa Hemingway Strikes Back". 

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