"The Elegant World Of Regina Relang" 2005

Edited by Esther Ruelfs and Ulrich Pohlmann.

Essays by Andreas Ley, Katharina Sykora, Brigitte Werneburg, Esther Ruelfs and Ulrich Pohlmann.

[296] pp.

Hatje Cantz


12" x 9 7/8"

210 photos.

Text in English and German.


"The Elegant World of Regina Relang is just that, an enchanting volume of pictures presenting a whirlwind tour through the entrancing world of haute couture that the late German photographer recorded throughout the mid-20th century. One hundred and sixty of the best original images from Relang's estate follow the lady shutterbug's eye as she worked the Paris fashion shows from her first days at Vogue in 1938 through to her rise as one of the leading fashion photographers of the 50s and 60s. Her spectacular images of the most forward, fashionable styles were featured twice a year in all of the major German fashion journals, for whom she represented the essence of the catwalk-shooting genre. This handsomely illustrated volume reproduces fine vintage prints from Relang's early reportage career and from the height of her days as a documenter of style, while also providing valuable insight into the historical background of her work. The Elegant World of Regina Relang chronicles the changing fashions of Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, and Yves Saint-Laurent, among other arbiters of la mode, while also tracing the transformation of the image of woman through the mid-20th century.

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