The Hipwood Brothers

Polo c1980 watercolour signed (LR ) by Hubert de Watrigant (b1954-) depicting the Hipwood Brothers, Julian & Howard (winning) the U.S. Open Polo Championship

Art Sz: 16 1/2"H x 22 1/4"W

Frame Sz: 25 1/2"H x 31 1/4"W

Hubert de Watrigant is widely regarded as a world leader in racing and equestrian art. He is an artist of truly outstanding talent and a legend amongst international horse painters.

Julian Hipwood (born 23 June 1946) is a British polo player and coach.

He was born and raised in the Cotswolds, England. He started his career playing association football and gradually moved on to polo. Both Julian Hipwood in 1981 and his brother Howard Hipwood in 1982 achieved a 9-goal Polo handicap. Only 55 players worldwide have been rated 9-goal by the United States Polo Association.

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