"The Kennedy White House Parties" 1967 LINCOLN, Anne H.


[183] pp.

The Viking Press New York


11 1/4" x 8 3/8"

Written by Anne H. Lincoln, Assistant Social Secretary at the Kennedy White House, this remarkable book captures the height of Camelot. "Among the best-remembered aspects of the Kennedy regime are the style and originality which characterized everything undertaken at the White House." "This book describes and illustrates some of the most interesting luncheons, dinners, and entertainments, giving the reader inside glimpses of the careful planning that took place, of the menus and table and flower arrangements, as well as lists of distinguished guests and other dignitaries. This book is illustrated, for the most part, with hitherto unpublished photographs of the late President and Mrs. Kennedy surrounded by their guests, and of the actors, singers, dancers, and musicians during actual performances. Also included are views of the refurbished rooms and several of the paintings collected for the White House during the Kennedy years."

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