"The Last Cream Bun" 1984 PETTIWARD, Roger


[96] pp.

The Hogarth Press London


11 1/4" x 9 1/2"

Illustrated book featuring satirical caricatures by Roger Pettiward aka Paul Crum

The editor of 'Punch' advised him to sign his work with a name and he chose 'Paul Crum' but many continued to be signed with the whorl or not at all. Pettiward continued all the time to paint witty, quirky, and humorous subjects, from models and from nature, exhibiting principally at the Leicester Galleries in London and at New English Art Club; the Royal Society of British Artists and elsewhere.

The only collection of Pettiward's drawings so far published is 'The Last Cream Bun' (1984), the title being taken from one of the captions, which contains over 100 drawings.

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