"The Last Of Uptake: Or The Estranged Sisters" HARCOURT-SMITH, Simon

[80] pp.

Illustrated by Rex Whistler


Solstice Productions Ltd.

10" x 7.25"

A reissue of Simon Harcourt-Smith's tale of grandeur and folly, decorated by Rex Whistler. The story centres around a country house Uptake and the problems of inheritance. The setting plays to Whistler's strengths, with charming illustrations of rococo, classical and gothic architecture and follies. Harcourt-Smith wrote the text to amuse his wife Rosamund during the Blitz when she was laid up in plaster after a motoring accident. The illustrations are some of the last that Rex Whistler completed. [Whistler & Fuller. The Work of Rex Whistler. No.499]

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