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The Links is a private club in New York City. It is located at 36 East 62nd Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Charles B. Macdonald, a golf champion and founder of the United States Golf Association, started the Links in 1917 as a place where powerful members of the golf world could keep the true spirit of the game alive.


The club was established in 1916-1917 by Charles B. Macdonald, in a building designed in the Georgian Revival architectural style by Cross & Cross. In the 1960s, it was "a preferred social gathering spot for America's most powerful chief executives." By 2010, it was still a "preserve of the old banking elite", but not all members were WASPs.

A sampling of members in 1955 is listed below:

Government and diplomacy:

Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States

Winthrop W. Aldrich, ambassador to Great Britain

Arthur A. Ballantine, Undersecretary of the Treasury and lawyer

Prescott S. Bush, U.S. Senator and father of President Bush (41)

Charles E. Daniel, U.S. Senator from South Carolina

Thomas E. Dewey, governor of New York

C. Douglas Dillon, U.S. ambassador to France, Future Secretary of the Treasury

Joseph E. Davies, U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union

Thomas S. Gates, Jr., future U.S. Secretary of Defense

Walter S. Gifford, former chairman of A T & T, former Ambassador to the U.K.

Stanton Griffis, U.S. ambassador to Poland, Egypt, Spain and Argentina

Amory Houghton, CEO, Corning Glass Works, future U.S. Congressman

George M. Humphrey, Secretary of the Treasury

Herbert C. Hoover, Jr. son of the 31st President, Undersecretary of State and a member of the President’s cabinet

John A. McCone, future director of the C.I.A.

Jean Monnet, diplomat and founding father of the European Union

Winthrop Rockefeller, son of John D. Rockefeller and Governor of Arkansas

Sir William Wiseman, British intelligence agent and banker

Cyrus R. Vance, future U.S. Secretary of State

John Hay Whitney, future U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain


Oscar C. Badger, a four-star admiral in the U.S. Navy

Ralph A. Bard, undersecretary of the U.S. Navy

Dunbar W. Bostwick, lt. colonel, U.S. Army, helped organize Normandy invasion

Lucius D. Clay, U.S. general, Eisenhower deputy and "father" of the Berlin airlift

Robert A. Lovett, former U.S. Secretary of Defense

Paul Nitze, future Secretary of the Navy

Elwood R. Quesada, lieutenant general, U.S.A.F.

Stanley R. Resor, future U.S. Secretary of the Army

Kenneth Royall, Army brigadier general, last person to serve as Secretary of War

James Hopkins Smith, Jr., U.S. Secretary of the Navy

William Bedell Smith, Eisenhower’s chief of staff in WWII, four-star general, former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union and former C.I.A director

Harold E. Talbott, Secretary of the Air Force

James H. Doolittle, U.S. general and famed aviator


Sewell L. Avery, chairman of Montgomery Ward

Stephen D. Bechtel of the engineering and construction company

Sosthenes Behn, founder of ITT Corporation

Roger M. Blough, president of U.S. Steel Corporation

Harold Boeschenstein, chairman of Owens-Corning

Richard L. Bowditch, chairman U.S. Chamber of Commerce

H.S.M. Burns, British president of Shell Oil Company

Louis S. Cates, Chairman of Phelps Dodge

Owen R. Cheatham, chairman of Georgia Pacific Corporation

Colby M. Chester, chairman of General Foods Corporation

Hugh J. Chisholm, president of International Paper

George H. Coppers, chairman of Nabisco

Cleo F. Craig, president of AT&T

Walter F. Dillingham, “the Baron of Hawaiian Industry”

Richard R. Depree, president of Proctor & Gamble

Benjamin F. Fairless, CEO of U.S. Steel

Henry Ford II, president of the Ford Motor Company

J. Peter Grace, Jr., Grace Chemical CEO

Augustus C. Long, CEO of Texaco

Henry R. Luce, publisher of Time Magazine

Joseph H. McConnell, former president of NBC

George W. Merck, president of Merck pharmaceuticals

Roger Milliken, CEO of Milliken textiles

Morehead Patterson, chairman of AMF

G. Willing Pepper, president of the Scott Paper Company

Gwilym A. Price, president of Westinghouse

Edgar Monsanto Queeny, chairman of Monsanto Corporation

Donald J. Russell, future CEO of Southern Pacific Railroad

Sidney A. Swensrud, chairman Gulf Oil

Walter C. Teagle, retired chairman of Standard Oil

Thomas J. Watson, Jr., president of IBM

Charles E. Wilson, former president of General Electric


Norborne Berkeley, president of Chemical Bank

Edward Eagle Brown, chairman of the First National Bank of Chicago

Paul C. Cabot, founded State Street Corporation and started the first mutual fund

Asa V. Call, president of Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company

Jean Cattier, Partner at White Weld & Co, and Chairman of the European American Bank

George Champion, chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank

J. Luther Cleveland, chairman of the Guaranty Trust Company

S. Sloan Colt, president of the Bankers Trust Company

Isaac B. Grainger, president of Chemical Bank and future president U.S.G.A.

Benjamin H. Griswold III, chairman of Alex, Brown

E. Roland Harriman, co-founder of Brown Brothers Harriman

Devereux C. Josephs, chairman of the Board New York Life Insurance

John J. McCloy, future chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank, President World Bank

Henry S. Morgan, grandson of J.P. Morgan and co-founder of Morgan Stanley

Ralph Owen, chairman of American Express

Elmore C. Patterson, future CEO of J.P. Morgan

Ralph T. Reed, future CEO of American Express

David Rockefeller, future chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank

J. Stillman Rockefeller, president National City Bank

Howard C. Sheperd, chairman of National City Bank

Harold Stanley, co-founder of Morgan Stanley

Dean Witter, founder of Dean Witter investment firm

Aircraft and aviation:

William E. Boeing, founder of the Boeing Airplane Company

F. Trubee Davison, WWI Naval Aviator

Robert E. Gross, president of Lockheed Aircraft

Frederick B. Rentschler, chairman of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft

Edward V. Rickenbacker, World War I ace pilot

Leon A. Swirbul, founder of Grumman Aircraft

Born rich:

Marshall Field, heir to the department store fortune

James H. McGraw, Jr. heir to the book publishing company

Paul Mellon, heir to the Mellon banking fortune and philanthropist

Howard Phipps, heir to the Carnegie Steel partner Henry Phipps, Jr.

Joseph N. Pew, heir to Sun Oil fortune, co-founder of the Pew Charitable Trusts

J. Watson Webb, film maker and heir to the Vanderbilt fortune

Golf and other pursuits:

Morton G. Bogue, former president of the U.S.G.A.

C. Suydam Cutting, explorer

Donald K. David, dean of the Harvard BusinessSchool

Arthur H. Dean, chairman of the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell

Childs Frick, paleontologist and son of Steel magnate Henry Clay Frick

Totton P. Heffelfinger, president of the U.S.G.A.

Eugene V. Homans. Bobby Jones defeated Homans at Merion to win the grand slam in 1930

Roger D. Lapham, Mayor of San Francisco and co-founder of Cypress Point Club

Robert Montgomery, actor

Alfred Easton Poor, architect

Roland L. Redmond, president Metropolitan Museum of Art

Archie M. Reid, secretary of the U.S.G.A.

Clifford Roberts, co-founder of Augusta National Golf Club


Jack C. Massey

1955 members featured on the cover of Time Magazine

Charles Wilson

Colby Chester

Cyrus Vance

David Rockefeller

Dwight Eisenhower

Douglas Dillon

Eddie Rickenbacker

George Merck

Gwilym Price

Henry Ford II

Herbert Hoover, Jr.

James Doolittle

John McCloy

Joseph Davies

Joseph Pew

Lucius Clay

Roger Blough

Roger Lapham

Stillman Rockefeller

Thomas Dewey

Thomas Watson

Trubee Davison

Walter Teagle

Winthrop Rockefeller

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