"The Lords And The New Creatures" 1970 MORRISON, Jim


[141] pp.

Simon and Schuster


First Printing

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"The Lords" and "The New Creatures" have been previously published in private editions of 100 copies by the author in 1969.

Contents: "I, The Lords - Notes on Vision; II, The New Creatures". Originally published as two separate volumes in 1969, this collection presents a revealing glimpse of an era and a man whose songs and savage performances remain impressive and inspiring. Intense, erotic, and enigmatic, Jimbo's persona is as riveting now as the "Lizard King" was during The Doors peak in the late sixties. His fast life and mysterious death remain controversial more than a half century later. Morrison is and was an icon for the mind-bending and shocking lifestyle of the 1960's in his brief, but brilliantly fruitful career. He perished on July 3, 1971 at the age of 27. In the official account, he was found in his Paris apartment bathtub by his girlfriend Pam Courson. Pursuant to French law, an autopsy was not performed as the medical examiner stated there was not evidence of foul play. The Lords and the New Creatures, Morrison's first published volume of poetry, is an uninhibited exploration of society s dark side drugs, sex, fame, and death captured in sensual, seething images. Here, Morrison gives a revealing glimpse at an era and at the man whose songs and savage performances have left their indelible impression on our culture. This is Jim's sole book published during his lifetime and comprises a riveting collection of mystical poetry with a recurring cinematic motif. From About the author: "Jim Morrison was mborn in Melbourne, Florida, in 1943. Mr. Morrison is a graduate of U.C.L.A., where he studied cicema in the Theater Arts Department. His ambition is to be a film director." From front flap: "In the past few years, no one has influenced the sound and style of hard-rock music in America as greatly as Jim Morrison, lead singer, composer and lyricist for The Doors. The savage, superheated intmacy of his performance, the turned-on intensity of his music, and his uninhibited personality and public pronouncements have made an indeliable impression on high school and college kids all over the world. The Lords and The New Creatures is his first published book of poetry, and it resounds with the driving rhythm, the sharp contrasts, and the often brutal honesty that indentify the singular 'Morrison' sound. He sees and speaks of contemporary America - the cities, the drug scenes, the movies, the money hustle, the old hang-ups and new freedoms in love. But his verse, like his vocal style, is undeniably his own - that of a talented and committed artist whose description of ourselves and our time echoes across the generation gap with a disturbing ring of truth."

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