"The Mixicologist Or How To Mix All Kinds Of Fancy Drinks" 2008 LAWLOR, C. F.


[170] pp.

Mud Puddle Books, Inc.


Facsimile Edition

7 1/2" x 5"

Containing Clear And Reliable Directions For Mixing All The Different Beverages Used In The United States, Embracing Juleps, Cobblers, Cocktails, Punches, Durkees, "Trilbys," Etc., Etc., In Endless Variety, With Some Recipes On Cooking, And Other General Information : An Up-To-Date Recipe Book By C. F. Lawlor recently Chief Bartender of the Grand Hotel and Now at Burnet House, Cincinnati. Rather scarce title, WorldCat finds 8 copies of all four editions: 1895, 1895 Revised Edition, 1897, and 1899. Of this title Ted Haugh [Meet Dr. Cocktail blog] writes: Much of the contents came from one or another of Jerry Thomas's Bon Vivant editions, but examination shows substantial alterations in proportions, ingredients, recipes and commentary. The book specifies a particular cocktail bitters never to be found in another bar guide: Schroeder's Cocktail Bitters. Did any other author come up with a drink variety called a Durkee? Memory fails to produce one. Similarly, Punch a la Dwyer, The Crank's Drink, Whiskey & Glycerine, the Big 4 Mint Julep the Attorney General and Lawlor's Pousse Café could possibly be his work. The Mixicologist is the only bar guide ever published to include a punch recipe that utilizes the ingredient ambergris (a waxy secretion of the sperm whale, its use in beverages is obscure beyond telling). Lawlor notes that- to some tastes, a cocktail is much improved by the addition of two or three drops of Absinthe - a proposal Americans have only just regained the legal means to test.

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