"The Rise Of The House Of Duveen" 1957 DUVEEN, J.H.


[252] pp.

Longmans, Green And Co


8 3/4" x 5 3/4"

Jacket design by Philip Gough

This is the story of the Duveen family's rise from relative obscurity to a position dominating the world of art dealers. Above all it is an account of the life of the great Sir Joseph Duveen (Joel Joseph Duveen), by a nephew who admired him, knew him well and was himself prominent in the world of art. It tells how Joel Duveen arrived in Hull as a young man, knowing scarcely any English, to be apprenticed to a firm of wholesale importers; how he went from strength to strength through his amazing energy, initiative and, most important, love and knowledge of beautiful things, until he controlled a business which would not quail before the purchase of any art collection, however valuable. There were many pitfalls and excitements on the way. This book describes the thrill of discovering hitherto unknown masterpieces, the tensions the auction rooms, the underworld of impostors and fakes, and the awkward financial problems arising from Joel Duveen's inability to resist buying a beautiful object. There are portraits of some of the greatest collectors of modern times, among them George Salting, Lord Leverhulme, and Pierpont Morgan; and there is also a chapter un ravelling the famous Mayerling mystery. This is a fascinating success story and provides a most revealing insight into the world of art.

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