"The Rothschilds: A Family Of Fortune" 1973 COWLES, Virginia

COWLES, Virginia

[304] pp.

Alfred A. Knopf New York


First American Edition

10" x 7 3/4

A comprehensive history of three generations of the Rothschilds, and their influence across two generations of European history.

Perhaps no other name in history can so truly encapsulate the phrase “rags to riches” as Rothschild does.In the late eighteenth century, it was a gentle, astute Jew born in a Frankfurt ghetto, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, whose interest in old coins and canny investments would set the family on the path to becoming one of the most powerful dynasties of Europe.Ennobled by the Austrian Emperor, soon the Rothschild name would become a household name.Kings and princes, generals and businessmen, whether their move was political or economic, in a time of war or a time of peace, the controlling force behind them would be the Rothschild family.Dazzlingly rich, the energetic, brilliant and downright extraordinary members of the Rothschild family were the force responsible for innovations in banking throughout the nineteenth century.Times have changed and dynasties crumbled, but this marvellously rich history tells how the Rothschilds always endure.

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