"The Royal Mews" 1991 STEWART-WILSON, Mary & CRIPPS, David


[192] pp.

Bodley Head


8 3/4" x 10 3/4"

"The Royal Mews behind Buckingham Palace is the department of the Royal Household responsible for the horse-drawn and motor travel arrangements of Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal Family. Its buildings form a hidden village of stables, workshops, homes, offices and garages, and the Mews community, despite modernisation, flourishes on customs and traditions that have been handed down over nine reigns. The Queen's regular use of horses and carriages has provided essential patronage for the skills of the craftsmen who also work there and are involved in their upkeep. The international media coverage that is given to many domestic and ceremonial occasions throughout the Royal year means that Her Majesty's carriages and cars are very much in the public eye. But whether seen on the streets, the television screen or the printed page, there is little time for the spectator to absorb the wealth of historic detail that is on view in any royal procession. In their new book, Mary Stewart-Wilson and David Cripps present an unrivalled account of the carriages, horses, harness, livery and cars of the Royal Mews. What they have done is to stop the procession to allow a closer look at two and a half centuries of regal splendour and service to the Crown."

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