"The Spice Islands Cook Book" 1961

[208] pp.

Lane Book Company


With this vintage book in your kitchen written by staff at the famous supplier of herbs and spices, Spice Islands, you'll have at your command the magic of inspired cooking, with the certainty of sure-fire results and case of preparation. Here are the Recipes for every spice, herb or seasoning you'd ever like to find in your gourmet shop or supermarket. You can trust every one of the 328 selected recipes in this book. They have been selected as the very best and exciting from the extensive Spice Islands collection. A special section of the book introduces the cook to the spice world. For instance, do you know WHEN to add each spice and herb ingredient? Exactly HOW MUCH to use? When NOT to use spices, herbs or seasonings? Try such scrumptious recipes as Smoked Oyster Spread, Dilled Green Beans, Poppyseed Dressing, Turkish Oranges, Bohemian Veal Roast, Ground Lamb en Palla, Kidney Sauté Montmartre, Stuffed Peppers Ricci, Rice Pilaf Noroian, French Omelet with Fine Herbs and Onions, Swedish Cardamom Buns, Hot Spiced Cranberry Punch, and Ginger Apricot Ice Cream.

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