"The Tavern Is My Drum" 1948 VECCHI, Joseph (INSCRIBED)

VECCHI, Joseph

Inscribed to Otto Crouse:
Sincere best wishes signed 21 June 1954

[224] pp.

Odhams Press Ltd


8 3/4" x 6"


Joseph Vecchi was born a natural restauranteur. He ran the fine restaurant at Claridge's in London when George V was crowned, then the Kaiserhof in Berlin, where the restaurant Mr. Vecchi ran was the favorite of Wilhelm II, and then in the last glory days of the Romanov Empire, he ran the French restaurant at the Astoria Hotel in St. Petersburg. He left a fascinating chronicle of his experiences in Petersburg and his encounters with the Royalty, Aristocrats and the fall of the Dynasty in this book "The Tavern Is My Drum", published England in 1948.

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