"The Utter Zoo Alphabet" 1967 GOREY, Edward

GOREY, Edward

First Edition

Meredith Press


6 7/8" x 7 1/8"

*first 5 pages separated from book*

Twenty-six curious creatures--from the fastidious Ampoo to the world's one and only Zote--fill the pages of The Utter Zoo, an alphabet from the untamed imagination of Edward Gorey. The Boggerslosh, the Crunk, and the Dawbis; the Ippagoggy, the Jelbislup, and the Kwongdzu; the Scrug, the Twibbit, and the Ulp--each strange and wonderful zoomate displays its own primary characteristic, described in Gorey's inimitable, droll, rhyming couplets. A writer and artist with an instantly recognizable style, Gorey (American, 1925 2000) created over one hundred works and was also a playwright, an award-winning set and costume designer, and the creator of the animated introduction to the PBS series Mystery! First published in 1967, The Utter Zoo is a favorite of Gorey fans, young and old alike--no matter how well they know their ABCs.

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