"The Voyage Of Aquarius" HERRON, Matt, Jeannine, Matthew and Melissa (SOLD)

HERRON, Matt, Jeannine, Matthew, and Melissa

[339] pp.

Saturday Review Press


8 1/2" x 5 7/8"

First Edition

Jacket design by Mark Rubin

This is the story of a sailing voyage by a family of four persons, two older and two younger - Matt and Jeannine, Matthew and Melissa. It began in the wind of the worst hurricane ever to strike the Gulf shores of the United States; it ended in the sand-flavored wind of a lonely African coast. In between, we learned much about ourselves and each other as we made our way across the North Atlantic; but what we learned was different for each because we are each different people. Thus we have written from four individual points of view. We hope the story is real for you, as it was for us, and that it will tempt you to venture forth from whatever solid ground you now stand upon to try the uncharted waters of a fresh adventure.