"The Wild Kingdom Of Antoine-Louis Barye 1795-1875" 1994

[144] pp.

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11 1/2" x 9"

Illustrated and annotated catalogue of 97 watercolors, 19 paintings, and 34 drawings by Barye, with provenance, literature, and exhibitions. Includes a 24-page introductory essay by Joseph Baillio, a list of exhibitions cited in the catalogue, and an appendix which lists the paintings, watercolors and drawings by Barye included in the catalogues of the artist's estate sale in 1876, the Barye retrospective exhibitions held in Paris in 1875 and 1889 and at the Barye Monument show in New York in 1889-1890. Also contains two works by two other artists, Louis Bernier and Léon-Joseph-Florentin Bonnat. Profusely illustrated.

Antoine-Louis Barye (24 September 1795 – 25 June 1875) was a Romantic French sculptor most famous for his work as an animalier, a sculptor of animals. His son and student was the known sculptor Alfred Barye.

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