"The Willowdale Handcar or The Return of The Black Doll" GOREY, Edward

GOREY, Edward

[64] pp.

The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc


6" x 5.9"

*slight diagonal upper right crease to cover*

In this enigmatic, surreal, wonderfully entertaining tale, three mysterious figures set out from Willowdale, traveling by handcar. On the way to nowhere in particular they pass a number of odd characters and observe a series of baffling phenomena, from a house burning down in a field to a palatial mansion perched precariously on a bluff.

At once deeply vexing and utterly hilarious, darkly mysterious and amusingly absurd, The Willowdale Handcar is vintage Edward Gorey.

First published in HOLIDAY MAGAZINE the same year with the title "The Imprudent Excursion," this tale would later be reprinted as a classic in AMPHIGOREY. In a handcar, Edna, Harry, and Sam visit Bogus Corners, Chutney Falls, Gristleburg, Dogear Junction, the Crampton vinegar works, and more. 6'' x 5.5''. Original brown pictorial wrappers with $1.50 price. Illustrated by Gorey in black and white throughout. [32] leaves, printed rectos only.

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