"The Window Trimmer's Handbook" 1912

International Correspondence Schools

[315] pp.

International Textbook Company


5 3/8" x 3 3/4"

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This handbook is intended for the use of persons interested in the arranging of merchandise displays in the show windows and show cases of stores and in the decorating of store interiors. Although not a complete encyclopedia, it contains a vast fund of valuable information for the professional trimmer, the merchant, and the store salesman or saleswoman. The professional trimmer and his assistants will find in this reference book valuable suggestions and ideas that will assist them in their everyday work; the merchant will learn of schemes for increasing his business, and he can gain ideas that will enable him to explain to his trimmer or to "his clerk in an intelligent manner how he desires his merchandise to be' displayed; the salesman or saleswoman will ascertain how any particular department may be kept attractive, and acquire the special knowledge which, properly applied, will eventually result in increased efficiency and larger sales.

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