"Alien Minds" 1955 EVANS, E. Everett (INSCRIBED)

[223] pp.

EVANS, E. Everett

First Edition

Fantasy Press


Dust jacket design by Hannes Bok


To all the Crossleys, who for some reason or other, seem to like my stories. Much love, E. Everett Evans

“Alien Minds” is an intrigue-filled novel of modern science fiction by E. Everett Evans. This fast moving tale is the sequel to Evans’ earlier sci-fi gem, “Man of Many Minds,” in which the character of George Hanlon was introduced to the world of science fiction. Hanlon, of course, was endowed with extraordinary mental powers and was a gifted secret operative for the Inter-Stellar Corps—reading minds and controlling them. Unfortunately, and understandably, alien minds were far more vexing. The Federation of Planets had invited Estrella to join as a full-fledged equal member. And while the Estrellans may not have been as technologically advanced as those of Earth, their ethics and ability to live together in peace transcended anything humankind had ever known. But there were forces afoot that sought to block Estrella from joining. Crimes—of a sort previously unknown to the Estrellan natives—began occurring, and the Federation was taking the rap. Who was at the bottom of this propaganda war? That is what George Hanlon and his team needed to find out. “Alien Minds” is not a novel laden with heavy social significance or burdened by deep psychological study; it is, quite frankly, a novel of tomorrow written for the pure pleasure of entertaining the reader…

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