"The World Of Madeleine Castaing" 2010 EERDMANS, Emily Evans (SIGNED)

[272] pp.




11.25" x 10"

Foreword by Jacques Grange

Madeleine Castaing (1894–1992) was a French antiques dealer and interior designer of international renown. She was the friend and the sponsor of many artists, including Soutine, who made her portrait in 1928. Original, even whimsical, she revolutionized the world of decoration, creating the style Castaing which is now a reference.

The key monograph on the life and work of the French antiquaire and decorator Madeleine Castaing. The book covers every aspect of Castaing's career, including her shop on the rue Jacob, her country house Leves, and her own distinctive aesthetic. Included is a illustrated list of her fabric and carpet designs, including 'Leopard Madeleine Castaing'.

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