"The Young Fogey Handbook: A Guide To Backward Mobility" 1985 LOWRY, Suzanne

LOWRY, Suzanne

[96] pp.

Javelin Books


8" x 7"

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Across the land from Bath to Balmoral, the Young Fogeys are coming out of hiding. Stuffy in dress, mischievous in mind, these backward-looking radicals reject modern values to hark back to those idyllic days when marmalade was properly thick-cut. But would you recognize one? Might you mistake a young man who works in an insurance office for one? With The Young Fogey Handbook you can spot all those little points which distinguish the true Young Fogey from the slick imitator. For example: * The Young Fogey attires himself in fusty tweeds and hefty brown brogues unless, of course, he can find an excuse to dress in a morning . . . and none of them fits. * The Young Fogey gives four cheers for Evelyn Waugh, John Betjeman and Disraeli, but detests the Church Commissioners, modern architecture and feminists. * The Young Fogey would like to reside in Oxford--Brideshead Revisited revisited--but will be found wherever there is a building to restore or a fine old church to admire. * And there is the Great Young Fogey Mystery: does the female exist? Is Griselda a myth? Will the Young Fogey find his heart's Araminta? Find the truth in The Young Fogey Handbook.

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