"Time Magazine w/ Mrs Winston (C.Z.) Guest" July 20, 1962 (SOLD)

What It's Like Today in Society

[82] pp.

 11" x 8 1/2"


C.Z. Guest photographed by Philippe Halsman featured on the cover of Time Magazine’s 1962 story about Society on the North Shore of Long Island. She is standing in front of her country home, “Templeton” at Roslyn, NY. Templeton was originally built for the Du Pont family but then sold shortly to Amy Phipps Guest. It was one of the most elegant and splendid mansions of the era, then later got expanded with elements and the great marble stair hall removed from the Phipps family Fifth Avenue mansion that was demolished in the 1920’s. For those that are watching or intend to watch season two of, “Feud” C.Z. Guest is a major character. Eventually as Templeton became phenomenally expensive to maintain, The Guest family moved to an equally elegant but smaller Georgian mansion near another Phipps family member home, “Old Westbury Gardens. The first Templeton still exists today as a events venue, but the smaller second Templeton has been demolished.

Lucy Douglas "C.Z." Guest (née Cochrane; February 19, 1920 – November 8, 2003) was an American actress, author, columnist, horsewoman, fashion designer, and socialite who achieved a degree of fame as a fashion icon. She was frequently seen wearing elegant designs by designers like Mainbocher. Her unfussy, clean-cut style was seen as typically American, and she was named to the International Best Dressed Hall of Fame List in 1959