"Tissus Directoire Et Empire" 1951 CHAVANCE, Rene


w/ 36 plates

Librarie Centrale Des Beaux-Arts


11" x 8 1/2"

The Empire style is established, strongly characterized, providing a notorious proof of the creative flexibility of the producers, many of whom, who worked during the previous period, accustomed to the graces and delicacies then in fashion, comply without difficulty to the majestic orders, a little dry and cold, now in honor: regularity, symmetry, compact flora, geometric arrangement in diamonds, in rosettes where garlands of oak leaves, laurel wreaths, helmets, spears, beams, palmettes, in a seedling of bees and stars are repeated. The vogue is bordered, decorated with similar motifs, sometimes very rich, in gold and silver brocade, and intended for the framing of more sober hangings, often plain or dotted with light ornaments. As for the colors, following the inclination of the Emperor himself, they are bright and vigorously sliced: crimson red, nacarat, raw green, golden yellow, frank and dark blue. In the absence of finesse, charm, this style, it cannot be denied, has grandeur and strength.

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