"Vingt-Cinq Ans D'Elegance A Paris 1925-1950"

ROCHAS, Marcel

[115] pp.

Editions Pierre Tisne


14 1/4" x 10 1/2"

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Elegant Parisian fashions from the years 1925 to 1950 with full color plates black-and-white photography in a lace print slipcase Editions Pierre Tisne 1951 14" x 10.5" Tisné, Paris, 1951. Illustrator: BOUTET DE MONVEL (Bernard), BERARD (Christian), LUZA (Reynaldo), VAN DONGEN (Kees,) GRUAU (René), SEM, BENITO (Eduardo-Garcia), (illustrator). Book composed by Geneviève Perreau with illustrations by BENITO, REYNALDO LUZA, VAN DONGEN, BOUTET de MONVEL. Paris, Éditions Tisné, Rochas, 1951, large in-4, paperback, folded cover printed in 2 tones, 116 pages. Superb work devoted to the history of fashion and everything that touches it, between 1925 and 1950 in Paris. Beautiful illustrations by artists such as: BENITO, Reynaldo LUZA, SEM, VAN DONGEN, Christian BERARD, René GRUAU, Pierre JAHAN, BOUTET de MONVEL, On texts by Cocteau, Jouhandeau, Valéry, L. de Vilmorin, Mac Orlan, Sachs . Attached advertising booklet "Twenty-five years of creation".

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