"Vivre La Vigne: Du Ghetto De Francfort A Mouton Rothschild 1744-1981" 1981 ROTHSCHILD, Philippe Baron

ROTHSCHILD, Philippe Baron

Philippe, Baron de Rothschild (13 April 1902 – 20 January 1988) was a member of the Rothschild banking dynasty who became a Grand Prix motor racing driver, a screenwriter and playwright, a theatrical producer, a film producer, a poet, and one of the most successful wine growers in the world.

Inscribed on half-title page to Glenway Wescott

Glenway Wescott (April 11, 1901 – February 22, 1987) was an American poet, novelist and essayist. A figure of the American expatriate literary community in Paris during the 1920s, Wescott was openly gay. His relationship with longtime companion Monroe Wheeler lasted from 1919 until Wescott's death.

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