"Paris Vogue No. 662" Decembre 1985/ Janvier 1986 [David Hockney Special Issue] (SOLD)

[318] pp.

Conde Nast Publications


12 1/2" x 9 1/2"


Scarce issue of Vogue Paris featuring cover artwork by David Hockney

A special edition of Vogue with a cover and 41 page contribution by David Hockney. Each year Paris Vogue chooses one creator from the world of the visual and performing arts to edit a portion of a single issue of the fabled fashion magazine. In 1985 David Hockney was selected, and this issue contains a forty-one page feature written and illustrated by him and featuring his own artwork and handwritten text. The pages reflect the artist's interests during this period; Hockney writes about perspective and illustrates it with his photo-collages and perspective-shifting paintings and drawings. As an added bonus Vogue No. 662 includes a fashion editorials by Guy Bourdin, Sarah Moon and Arthur Elgort.