"When The Cook Is Away" 1928 IVES, Catherine

IVES, Catherine

[263] pp.



7 1/2" x 5 3/8"

Catherine Ives was the pen name of British author Doris Ives Smith (1888–1951). In addition to many magazine articles, especially in Britannia and Eve, Ives wrote two well-known cookbooks.

When The Cook Is Away, published in 1928, was "...intended to come to the rescue of people whose kitchens have been deprived of their cooks, and who know nothing about cooking themselves." The book has a famous cover, designed by a young Cecil Beaton. The book addresses some of the dramatic post WW1 social changes and associated changes in cookery. A 1934 enlarged edition is renamed, Catherine Ives' Cookery Book: A Much Enlarged and Thoroughly Revised Edition of "When the Cook is Away" with New Chapters on Cakes, Savouries, and Left-overs.

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