"Whitmore's Private Hampton Gardens" 2001 THOMAS, WIlliam [text by]

THOMAS, WIlliam [text by]

WECHSLER, Evelene [photographed by]

[111] pp.

Harper, Miller & Co.


11 3/4" x 9 1/2"

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Here, in words and pictures, is a comprehensive look at 15 of the most beautiful private gardens in the Hamptons. These gardens, gathered together here for the first time, were planned by the eminent landscape designers Madison Cox, Edmund Hollander, and Deborah Nevins, as well as designers from Whitmores Landscaping, one of the oldest companies on Long Islands East End, for some of the most knowledgeable and sophisticated clients anywhere, each with his or her own concept of the ideal garden. Although they are all within a few miles of each other, these gardens are as diverse as if they were in different states. There are wetlands gardens, traditional English gardens, and what the garden expert Sheridan Sansegundo, in her lively preface, calls the "Hamptons garden-English by heritage but not as formal, more expansive and exuberant." Whether you are planting your first bulbs or adding a rose-encrusted pergola to your back patio, you'll be sure to find pleasure and inspiration in Evelene Wechsler's 100 color photos and William Thomas's concise, informative text. These gardens, most of which were created in a matter of months, yet look as if they had been in place for centuries, are both ecologically healthy and pleasing to the senses; they are the realizations of their owners' dreams in design and atmosphere.

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