"Will This Do? The First Fifty Years Of Auberon Waugh" 1991 WAUGH, Auberon

WAUGH, Auberon

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Auberon Alexander Waugh (17 November 1939 – 16 January 2001) was an English journalist and novelist, and eldest son of the novelist Evelyn Waugh. He was widely known by his nickname "Bron".

After a traditional classical education at Downside School, he was commissioned in the army during National Service, where he was badly injured in a shooting accident. He went on to study for a year at Oxford University.

At twenty, he launched his journalism career at the Telegraph Group, and also wrote for many other publications including Private Eye, in which he presented a profile that was half Tory grandee and half cheeky rebel. As a young man, Waugh wrote five novels that were quite well received, but gave up fiction for fear of unfavourable comparisons with his father.

He and his wife Lady Teresa had four children and lived at their manor house in Combe Florey in Somerset.

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