"World Drinks And How To Mix Them" 1934 BOOTHBY'S, "Cocktail Bill"

Completely revised and greatly enlarged into an unabridged encyclopedia of All Popular Beverages

BOOTHBY'S, "Cocktail Bill"

[270] pp.

Boothby's World Drinks Co.


7 1/2" x 5 1/4"

*dampstaining condition noted*

This is the 1934 second edition; this title was first copyrighted in 1930. Cocktail recipes handily arranged alphabetically. The author's martinis (as well as his "Vampire") nearly always contain as much vermouth as gin. The Whiskey Sour does not appear by name, though it appears whisky is generally to be served with some admixture of bitters and sugar syrup. Hey, where else are you likely to find the Blue Moon, the Bosom Caresser, the Fedora, the H.G. Wells, the Jack Dempsey, the Lindberg, the Wedding Belles, or the Weismuller (Bacardi, Gin, Sweet-Sour, and a spoonful of Grenadine -- presumably enough to make you roar like Tarzan, which Johnny was known to do on occasion) including a final 8-page section on Wines.

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